Epic Failures in DevSecOps: Volume 1

Epic Failures in DevSecOps: Volume 1

We learn more from failures than we do from successes. When something goes as expected, we use that process as a mental template for future projects. Success actually stunts the learning process because we think we have established a successful pattern, even after just one instance of success. It is a flawed confirmation that “This is the correct way to do it”, which has a tendency to morph into “This is the only way to do it.”Real learning comes through crisis.If something goes wrong, horribly wrong, we have to scramble, experiment, hack, scream and taze our way through the process. Our minds flail for new ideas, are more willing to experiment, are more open to external input when we’re in crisis mode.The Genesis of an IdeaThat’s where the idea for this book came from. When I was in Singapore for DevSecOps Days 2018. Edwin Kwan, Stefan Streichsbier and DJ Schleen were swapping war stories over a couple of beers.The conclusion of their evening of telling tales was the desire to find a way to get those stories out to the community. They spoke with me about putting together a team of authors who would tell their own stories in the hope of helping the DevSecOps Community understand that failure is an option.Yes. You read that right. Failure is an option.Failure is part of the process of making the cultural and technological transformation that needs to happen in order to keep innovating. It is part of the journey to DevSecOps. The stories presented here aren’t a roadmap. What they do is acknowledge failure as a part of the knowledge base of the DevSecOps Community.The days of stand-alone security teams isolated from the real process of development are coming to an end. Paraphrasing Caroline Wong, “Security needs to be invited to the party, not perceived as a goon standing at the front door denying admission”. With DevSecOps,security is now part of the team.After reading these stories, we hope you will realize you are not alone in your journey. Not only are you not alone, there are early adopters who have gone before you, not exactly “hacking a trail through the swamp”,but at least marking the booby traps, putting flags next to the quick-sandpits and holding up a ‘Dragons be here’ sign at perilous cave openings.

November 6, 2018

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